Vauxhall Rewards FAQs

We know there are lots of questions on the new Rewards Programme, but here are the important ones for existing GM Cardholders, for more information and to register your interest, please visit

What is the Vauxhall Rewards programme?
This is the new Rewards Programme that replaces and improves upon the much missed GM Card! It will consist of 2 card products, a Pre-Pay Debit Card launching in May 2013 and a Credit Card launching in July 2013.
The Pre-Pay Debit Card offers up to 5% earnings on spend in selected stores and allows card holders to redeem against servicing, repairs and accessories – as well as up to £1500 off new Vauxhall vehicles.
More information on the Credit Card will be released over the next couple of months. To register for either or both of the card, please visit
Vauxhall Rewards replaces and improves the GM Card scheme. It will consist of two card products, the Vauxhall Rewards Pre-Pay Debit Card launching in May 2013 and the Vauxhall Rewards Credit Card launching in July 2013
The Vauxhall Rewards Pre-Pay Debit Card offers up to 5% earnings on spend in selected stores and allows card holders to redeem against servicing, repairs and accessories – as well as getting up to £1500 off new Vauxhalls!
The Vauxhall Rewards Credit Card will offer 3% every time you use it and follows the GM Card rules of redeeming up to £1500 off a new Vauxhall.
Register your interest in either or both of these Vauxhall Rewards cards at
Can I transfer my GM Card Rebate Points to a Vauxhall Rewards card?
Yes and if you do they will extend to March 2015.
All you have to do is choose which card is for you, then apply and activate it.
Once you have done this, you will need to call the Vauxhall Rewards Helpline on 0800 072 2242 where they can transfer your Rebate Points into Rewards Points!.
Will my points hold the same value?
Yes, on the new Vauxhall Rewards programme 1 Rewards Point is £1 discount in a Vauxhall Retailer.
What can I redeem my transferred GM Card Points on?
When you transfer points over to the Pre-Pay Debit Card, these will be kept separate to any new Vauxhall Rewards Points and will only be allowed to be redeemed against new Vauxhall purchases.
Any new Vauxhall Rewards Points earned on the new card will be eligible to be spent on servicing, repairs, accessories or added to your GM Card Points to redeem against a new Vauxhall vehicle.
Both cards (pre-pay debit and credit) enable you to redeem up to £1500 off a new Vauxhall.
Existing model line maximums apply.
More details will be released when the application pages open. Please visit or call 0800 072 2242 if you require more information.

Existing GM Card FAQs

What happens to my Rebate Points that I have on my card? Can I still redeem them?
Yes. You will be able to redeem your Rebate Points up until 31st January 2014. You will receive a communication from Vauxhall regarding your Rebate Points. If you have any questions about the Rebate Points Programme, please call Vauxhall on 0800 072 2242
Who are Beneficial Finance?
Beneficial Finance is a trading name of HFC Bank Limited. From 24th January 2011, you will notice that statements and any other written communication will feature the Beneficial Finance brand in place of GM.
What is clause 9c of the credit card terms and conditions?
Clause 9c states: 'This agreement will end when either of us gives notice in writing to each other and where you end this agreement, when you return all Cards. We will give you 30 days notice if we end this agreement under this clause 9c'.
What will happen if I use my card?
In most cases the transaction will be declined although some retailers do not authorise in real-time and in these cases the transaction may be accepted and charged to your account. To avoid transactions being declined you should not attempt to use your card.
How long will I have to pay my outstanding balance on my card?
The balance on the credit card can be paid-off with the minimum monthly payment or alternative arrangements can be made, e.g. one-off payment, balance transfer, etc.
My card expiry date is later this year, can I continue to use my card up to the expiry date?
No. Irrespective of card expiry dates, transactions will not be allowed.
If my existing card is lost, damaged or stolen will I receive a replacement?
If your card is lost, damaged or stolen from 1st January 2011 we will not be able to issue a new card.
I've taken out additional Payment Protection Insurance and Id like to keep it. Will this continue?
Yes. This insurance will continue for as long as you have a balance on the card, unless you choose to cancel it. We suggest that you check the cover periodically to ensure the insurance remains adequate for your needs. Any outstanding claims are unaffected
What will happen to the Travel Accident Insurance and Internet Delivery Insurance offered with the Card?
These insurances cover purchases made with the card and will therefore no longer function as purchases cannot be made on the card.
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